Monday, February 11, 2013

Cool Thing #1: Sobek

Okay, so I'm cheating from the very outset by using Google Images pictures to talk about stuff. But this is one of my several favorite objects in the Ashmolean Museum in Oxford: a large bust of the ancient Egyptian crocodile-headed god Sobek.

Sobek-worship was especially popular during the first half of the second millennium b.c.e., which, to give you some context, was a solid thousand years or so before Plato and Aristotle walked ancient Greece, and 500-1000 years before we think David ruled Israel. This particular really awesome Sobek head comes from the 12th dynasty, which was probably between 1998 and 1778 b.c.e., and is from Hawara. It's as keenly realistic as you can legitimately call a bust of an imagined anthropomorphic deity with a crocodile's head. 

And, as quasi-promised, my notebook drawing of head-of-Sobek (with real-life museum notes!):

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