Monday, February 11, 2013

Welcome to Loose Signatures!

You're probably wondering: what exactly is a loose signature? They're the folded-paper booklets that make up a book before they've been stitched or glued together. Technically printed, but not assembled in one piece yet; kind of done, but still rough around the edges. Sort of like this blog.

Despite having some mixed feelings about amateur blogging (completely unpaid writing that takes a lot of time; and who really wants more stuff on the Internet?), since recently beginning to write some book reviews and essays for a few different sites online, I've decided to start a blog to collect them all in one place.

But, since that's not very interesting in and of itself, and I want to give you something worth checking out every now and then, there will be other stuff, too! This blog will update every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, xkcd-style (more or less). I want it to be a kind of commonplace book of things worth reading or seeing or listening to—nothing elaborate, nothing frenetic, just a way of collecting some cool things in one place, maybe with a little context. (Like whatever the opposite of a news-and-commentary aggregator would be—a de-gregator?) And every now and then I might throw in some ideas or impressions, or maybe even a drawing or two.

So thanks for reading, and check back every few days! There are a few things now, but it'll grow—when you don't have a binding, you can keep adding as many pages as you want. 

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