Friday, December 5, 2014


I'm traveling for the next few weeks, so the blog will be on hiatus. But it'll definitely be back in January, and maybe a few scattered posts before then. Be well until then!

Sticky Note Cartoon: Three Ages

Monday, December 1, 2014

Combatting Evil Stupidities

Last week—last terrible, terrible week—it felt like the stupidest, least important thing anyone could have been doing was writing a blog on trivia and the arts. But what could one say, really, in a situation where no one's words were helping: not the President's, who was powerless; not the protestors who for all their right passion and outrage couldn't overturn a verdict; and certainly not the final words of nine jurors in Missouri. "All I have is a voice," Auden wrote once. But voices don't bring back the dead, prosecute the unarraigned, or reform a law enforcement system. One wants to "signal boost." Still, re-posting something on Facebook seems a hollow gesture in the face of injustice, at least to this millennial. Maybe I should have anyway. When all gestures are equivalent in weightlessness, maybe each one matters equally.