Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Apple-ogy accepted

... means never having to say you're apple. (Credit.)
Fun Korean lesson for the day: the word for "apologize" is sagwahada, which sounds like you're saying that you're "doing (hada) an apple (sagwa)." In point of fact, this is a homophonic accident of etymology: sagwa apology is a loanword from Chinese xièguò (謝過, now apparently quite defunct), phonetically fudged a little, while sagwa apple is a loan from Chinese shāguǒ (沙果): they both turned into "sagwa" in Korean. But it's hard not to imagine holding out an apple to say you're sorry! 

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  1. "Sha gua" 傻瓜 also means "fool" in Chinese. Which makes sense too: "I'm sorry; I'm a fool!" Incidentally, it is also the name of a favorite cartoon cat of mine from PBS Kids, Sagwa the Chinese Siamese Cat: (ah the memories!) :)